Our Fantastic Team 🙌

Bob - "Our illustrious leader", grew up on rural properties in Western Queensland. He has had various contracting businesses in various fields including horse breaking/training and fencing. This makes him very knowledgeable in all things "Rural" and farm related and he'll happily share his knowledge with you. He is also an avid Polocrosse player for the Chinchilla Club.

Sally - Also grew up in Western Queensland surrounded by lots of animals.  She also has experience in raising many animals and has a passion for all things related to natural health for animals and humans.

Georgina - Is a long term Rosewood local and is our resident Vet Nurse who is a lover of Pugs!

Lyle - Is studying at UQ Gatton and has a passion for plants but also loves animals. He and his partner are involved with animal rescue.

Tash - Is also studying an agricultural degree and loves all animals, especially Alpacas.